Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thank you, Mr. Cosby

I've been finding out about more and more things that I experienced and have no memory of thanks to ECT. It is not something I can really explain. Knowing that months of your life are blacked out, especially when you find out about the really good things, is heartbreaking.

This memory loss has gotten me thinking about victims of sex crimes who were drugged or drunk. I feel some weird sense of empathy toward those people. The brain is a complicated thing and part of the complexity is memory.

These thoughts bring me to the subject of an article I read today. It was about how, starting next year, California will no longer have a statute of limitations on sex crimes. This is all thanks to Mr. Bill Cosby and his predatory nature. If one good thing was to come out of his evil ways, states changing their statute of limitations on sex crimes is one of them.

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