Saturday, September 17, 2016

Taking a step back

A few nights ago, on Wednesday, I had to take a step back. The anxiety was so bad, I wasn't doing well at all. Shawn urged me to go back on the Ativan. That was one of the drugs I had been off of for a week and a half at that point. I was afraid to do it without calling the Doc, so I called and left a message, but took the pill anyway. She called me back shortly and told me to take one and actually, to double up on it. And, away I sleep.

Having the Ativan back is nice, but anxiety still manages to rear its ugly head, and it is really, really large and ugly.


  1. Hi Meg,
    I saw your comment on TheBloggess about reading "Furiously Happy". I think it is important to note that she ended that book tour here in AZ with a crippling bout of food poisoning, delaying her long-awaited return home, and sapping her reserves into negative numbers. She finally did get home and suffered an extreme backlash of anxiety and depression that was incredibly dark and lasted for about six months (I think). My point is that even though the books make her seem well-adjusted and maybe "over it", she is still having bad days. You are not alone. There will be better days ahead. Please, continue to reach toward that light, no matter how faint.