Sunday, July 31, 2016

You can say that again. No, really, tell me.

Shawn and I were out and about. We came upon the free-standing strip of businesses in the parking lot of a much larger strip mall. We were on the backside which has a couple of vacant spots. I said something about how I thought the yogurt place was the end unit all the way from front to back. Shawn said no with a little chuckle. I asked him why he laughed. He told me that I had made the same comment not that long ago.

Later, I was looking at a shelf with our collection of POPs:
Me: Who is that next to Iron Man, not War Machine, the other side?
Shawn: Black Panther.
Me: Was he in a movie recently?
Shawn: Yeah, "Civil War".
Me: Did we see that twice?
Shawn: Yes.
Then, it bothered me that I didn't remember these things. I asked Shawn what we were doing when I had brought up the yogurt place the first time. He told me we had tried a new taco place that's in the same parking lot. I looked at him, dumbfounded. I had no recollection of going to a taco place. He told me, with humor, that it wasn't worth remembering.

There is a new series on HBO, "The Night Of". It's a weekly series that Shawn wants to watch. Once again, he puts his own stuff aside because of me. Because of my memory issues, a week between episodes of such a dense series just doesn't work for me. So, instead of just going on with the show for himself, he decided that we'll just wait for when we can watch the episodes back-to-back within a few days. That way, chances are high that I'll be able to remember and follow the show.

I continue to have to ask what day and date it is. The evening before an ECT treatment session, I have to check in with Shawn as to what meds I'm allowed to take. Sometimes, I have left the stove or oven on. A couple of weeks ago, I forgot to put the clothes in the washer when I ran it; the basket was right there!

Lesson learned here: ECT is no joke!

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