Thursday, July 21, 2016

Trial and failure

As I've explained before, I'm on a pretty significant cocktail of medications plus ECT for my mental illness. This has caused me to be a bit of a guinea pig. So, over the last week, I was taking samples of a new to me and to all my doctors/therapists medication. My prescribing doctor is always good about giving samples to work through things before having to pay for the meds, especially if they are outside our insurance.

I've given this medication a week. The hope was that it would make me a little more clear headed and wake me up a bit. With this change, I would hopefully reduce the amount of another med I've been taking. After a week, I didn't think this was working. I was a huge cry baby, growing as the week went on. I was starting to feel like if I was given the Beck_Depression_Inventory to take, the number would shoot really high.

When changes like this happen, you have to wonder why. What was it that changed in that time? My assessment? This new medication. So, I called my psych nurse practitioner and let her know what was up. Her response, eliminate that medication from my cocktail and we'll go on to our already scheduled appointment next week.

And so, on to the next one.

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