Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why standing with Her was so important to me

Facebook has an "On This Day" feature in which a series of posts from previous years are collected. On Wednesday, November 9th, I was looking through the posts as I was dealing with the sadness I was experiencing based on the official Donald Trump election results. Then I came upon a post from 4 years ago about heading to the hospital for surgery. A new wave of sadness poured over me.

I had been having some trouble getting pregnant and my OB/GYN had me taking Clomid in the hopes that it would prove that my troubles weren't severe. Then, I developed what we thought was an ovarian cyst, a rather large one, but one that she could remove with a standard procedure. The size was the diameter of a soda can. So, November 9, 2012, I had it removed.

The news from the procedure turned out to be the beginning of major infertility hell. It turns out it was not a simple ovarian cyst. It was an Endometrioma; a very large, blood filled mass. My OB/GYN was shocked to discover that I had Endometriosis. She couldn't believe the severity of it and that, at 37 years old, it was just being discovered. Also, with this discovery, she realized that I needed more help with my infertility than she was able to offer with my prescription of Clomid or anything else she could do. So, lists of recommendations for fertility clinics were given to me.  

In the end, the Endometriosis won out in the fertility battle and I had to have a hysterectomy.

This anniversary being shared with Trump's victory really upset me more than the anniversary by itself. It got me thinking of my womanhood. It got me thinking about woman's healthcare. When it comes to politics and woman's healthcare, so many focus on abortion like it is the only issue a woman might face. No, it's not! We face so many things. Planned Parenthood helps women face so many things. Trump and conservatives want to make it about abortion; they want it to be about destroying Planned Parenthood; they want it to be more expensive for birth control; they want to fuck us over, and not in the good way.

I stood with Her and oh, how I wish she would have won!  

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