Friday, November 25, 2016

I still manage to be phased

Here it is. Another post about my memory issues. This one is a hard one because it seems to be affecting longer term memory than just something from this year.

There is a card game that I have played for over ten years on a pretty regular basis. I played it with one of my best friends back home in CLE and then brought it to my CO life with Shawn and his parents. I have easily played it hundreds of times. It's a pretty simple card game called "Phase 10".

Thanksgiving Eve, Shawn, my in-laws, and I were playing games, as per usual. Shawn brought out "Phase 10". I looked at it and was a bit puzzled. The rest of them were puzzled by my puzzlement since we have such a long history with this game. Shawn ended up having to teach me the game. I picked it up pretty quick, but it was still troubling.

I never get used to discovering that there is something I don't remember.

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