Sunday, November 10, 2013

At the dog park

Before I get started, yes, I do "sing" dog park in my head to the tune of "Car Wash."

Anyway, the real reason for this post is to express some thoughts about dog parks.  I like to tire out our almost 9 month old puppy, Jarvis, by taking him to the dog park.  He is FULL of energy, as one would expect of a puppy.  The dog park is a great way for him to burn energy and it is good for him to be around other dogs.  It's nice to see him play...and...honestly, nice to not be his soul source of play (it can be exhausting for this puppy mama).

I've become confused about the purpose of dog parks.  I thought of it kind of like the equivalent of taking kids to a playground.  It's a place for dogs to play and learn to be around other dogs. Jarvis can't wait to get out of the car when we pull up!  He just wants to get in there.  I can't open the gate and get his leash off fast enough.  Then, the butt sniffing and slobbering begin.

However, some of our experiences show that not everyone there is on the same page.  If you want to play fetch with your dog and not interact with others, I feel like some dog parks may not be for you. The one we go to the most is not very large.  It is split in two with a smaller area and larger area which is nice for smaller or timid dogs.  Often, the smaller (which is just more narrow, but still a lot of space) one isn't used.  If you just want to play fetch, maybe heading over to the unoccupied side would be best. I worry about Jarvis with other dogs and rough play, but I know it is good for him to be with other dogs.  If it gets to be too much, I'll take him away.  If I didn't want him to be with anyone but me, I wouldn't take him to the park. So, if those other folks take their toys and go home, Jarvis and I are better off.

Maybe I'm just crazy.
Why wouldn't you want your dog to play with Jarvis?

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