Saturday, November 16, 2013

It's not about keeping up with the Joneses

Back when I was first facing my depression, I was sitting in a room talking to a couple of people who were my leaders for a church organization.  The room had a crucifix on the wall.  They told me that I knew nothing of suffering and that I need to look at the cross to see what real suffering is.  This is a profound experience of bullshit.  I mean, REALLY?  If we are to look at our experiences compared to a crucifixion, a large number of people are whiny complainers about non-existent suffering, be it physical or mental.

I've since heard someone talk about how we shouldn't minimize our own struggles because others have it worse is the same as minimizing our own happiness because others have it better.

I still struggle with minimizing my experiences when compared to other.  My therapist called a relationship I told her about as abusive.  I then went into minimize it mode because abuse seemed like such a harsh term.  I wasn't burned with cigarettes, or beaten, or rape, etc.  But, there is more to the word than those extremes.  So, yeah, maybe it was an abusive relationship on a different level.

Recently, I watched a video that seemed to be a message for the LGBTQ community.  But, it goes deeper.  It speaks to all of us because we all have our own closets and our own struggles.  Here's the video & I hope it speaks to you, too.

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