Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tolerate intolerance?

The sticker that really gets me mad.
Some new neighbors moved in recently.  I haven't met them.  Based on their bumper stickers, I'm not sure I should.

Perhaps I'm making an incorrect assumption about its meaning. Each time I see it, all I think is that it must be a response to the popular equality sticker from the Human Rights Campaign.  The unequal sticker appears on their car which also has a giant "GOD" decal on the rear window promoting some kind of mission organization.  This combination of stickers was another reason for my assumption that this is a symbol of support for DOMA; support of no marriage rights for gays.

So, here I am.  I'm making assumptions about neighbors I never even met based on stickers on their car. Their sticker makes me upset because I think it shows intolerance and hate.  Does my judgment of them make me any different than them (or, my perception of them, I should say)?

Who knows?  Maybe the symbol is a statement about Pepsi being unequal to Coke.  If that's it, then we could get along and go for a Coke because Pepsi doesn't come close to equaling Coke.


  1. I'm sure your assumption about its meaning is correct. But regardless of what exactly it's referring to, it's against equality, and therefor awful.

  2. Interesting thought, & you're probably right.