Friday, August 19, 2016

Minding the gaps

I touched on my memory issues a few entries ago. The last few days it's really been causing me some headaches which, in turn, lead to heartache. Some of the fuzziness is from earlier in the year, before I even started ECT. Those aren't the ones that are really breaking my heart now.

The gap in my memory that is really causing me grief right now is from mid-late June. That was when Denver Comic Con was happening and that brought our BFFs to town. Shawn is half of the creative team of The Specialists Comic and he and his partner always get a booth at the convention. And, his partner is married to one of my best friends from high school. So, they both come to town for the convention and then a little vacation-ish visit.

I remember very little, actually next to nothing, about this year's visit. There are little things around the house that caused me to ask Shawn questions, but even when he answers, it doesn't help fill in the holes. The other day, I found a can of Bush's Baked Beans in our pantry. I never buy them because Shawn doesn't like baked beans and I'm not going to eat a whole can. He said it was leftover from some groceries our friend bought for some cooking she was going to be doing. Um, okay.

We all went away to some hot springs somewhere. I asked Shawn about that. Did we have bathing suits and was there a pool somewhere? Yep and yep. No images come to mind about any of this. My head is pounding with the stress of trying to form memories out of nothing.

The latest discovery in my memory holes has to do with supplies for the convention. I've been doing some inventory of some of the products the guys sell at the convention. While going through it, I came across a box that was different than any I recognized. I asked Shawn and he told me it was a new part of the booth display. He described it to me. Nada, zip, zilch in my memory.

It is probably silly to be moved to tears about these things. But, the strain it all puts on my head really gets to me

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