Friday, August 12, 2016

A day for ECT and the D-O-G

We are going to be away at the end of the month and Jarvis can't go with us. So, we had to make some arrangements for his care. This has been adding to my regular feelings of stress and anxiety. Today, he had a doggie playcare test run at a large kennel. I was anxious about him doing well there.

Also, this morning was an ECT treatment. We were taking Jarvis to the kennel and then going right to my appointment. Traffic was a tied up nightmare. I was starting to loose my cool as my anxiety about leaving Jarvis was being compounded by my anxiety that we would be late for my ECT appointment.

Traffic was out of our hands, as Shawn kept trying to remind me. He would put his hand on my knee and tell me that being late is something that happens and isn't always in our own control. We wouldn't be the first or the last people to run late. I tried to take that in and breathe out the stress. There was a little bit of getting choked up, but no full on meltdown with tears.

We got to the kennels, got Jarvis checked in, and were on our way. The route from the kennels to the hospital was clear of traffic tie-ups. I started to rest a little easier about running late and was just dealing with other anxiety of leaving Jarvis and my appointment, since it had been about a week and a half since the last one.

Some tears came at my appointment. One of my doctors asked me how I was feeling. That's when I got teary and explained how the morning went. I told him about leaving Jarvis and that it was stupid for me to get worked about that. I said that I was acting like he was my kid. He said of course it's like your kid. Then I added that I was worked up about traffic potentially causing us to be late. At this, he came to my side and said that all was fine because we made it.

So, ECT went as planned and a good chunk of the is a blur due to napping for a bit. But, later in the afternoon, Shawn woke me up for a prescription run followed by a Jarvis pick-up. Jarvis had a really good report card, so I rest easier about his longer stay while we're away.

My day ends with my med cocktail
complete with drugs from my prescription
Jarvis' day ends with being tuckered out
from doggie playcare.

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