Saturday, January 4, 2014

I just can't see it

A few years back, Shawn and I went to see a performance of August: Osage County. We both loved it. I haven't seen many plays; most live theater I've gone to has been musical. This play moved me to laughter and to tears.

The set didn't change; in a way, making it a character all its own. It was a member of the dysfunctional family. The tension, humor, pain of it all held within it.

So when I first heard the play was being made into a movie, I couldn't imagine how it could be done any justice. I just didn't see it working the same way. It didn't matter to me who was to be cast in the movie. The idea of the movie version having the same poignancy as the play just seemed impossible.

I have seen the trailer for the movie and the cast is pretty star-studded. But, the previews come across as a potential feel-good-Hollywood-ending story. Even the amazingly talented Meryl Streep can't convince me to see the film; she can't draw me in to believe the play will be done any justice.

As much as I love to go to movies, this is one I will have to skip. Maybe I'm wrong to judge it so harshly, but I'd rather keep my experience of the play untouched.

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