Friday, December 27, 2013

Sometimes people don't know what words mean

The existence of the FCC and the libel and slander torts are examples of how freedom of speech isn't what many seem to think it means. Lately, many invoke the Constitution when the speech being "restricted" is speech they agree with, or at least they think they do.

There's been an uproar about free speech in the aftermath of a suspension of a reality TV star for saying some bigoted things. This became major news and brought people front and center to defend the guy. One such person was Sarah Palin. The woman, who claims to read "all of 'em" when it comes to print media, was getting her panties and pencil skirt in a bunch about free speech over words she admitted she didn't read or hear. I guess this means she really believes in the freedom to speak because she is defending this guy without knowing what he said. Kudos, Sarah Palin, kudos!

Now, where was all this defense of speech when other networks made decisions to suspend, terminate, or accept resignations from TV show hosts for things that were said on or off the air? Martin Bashir made some pretty hateful remarks about Palin that led to his resignation from MSNBC. There was no one from Palin's side of the aisle throwing down the free speech defense for him.

These TV personalities were free, ARE free to say all that they said. They have not been imprisoned. The networks that these people appeared on also have the freedom to decide what they will and will not support being said on their broadcasts. You can say what you want, but you can be fined, sued, or fired, too.

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