Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The right thing sometimes sucks

Today was my 2 week post-op check-up. Physically, things are looking pretty good. Emotionally, that's for different doctors.

Since I was pretty drugged when I saw my doctor in the hospital, this was my first time talking to her about the surgery results and whatever. She said, after seeing everything, the surgery really was the right thing to do. The build-up of scar tissue from the endometriosis was really severe. Also, the left ovary absolutely had to come out; it was unbelievably damaged. With all of this, she said that it really was evident that getting pregnant without intervention would be impossible. And, even with intervention, as we learned during our IVF process, chances were quite slim.

The other good thing about having this appointment was that I was having some cramping and lower-back pain on the right side. This is the side that hadn't really been a problem for me and it still has an ovary. I told her that if I didn't know better, I would think I was going to be having my period. She told me that it isn't surprising to her. At this point, she's not concerned about it. She said that the amount of scar tissue and basically the settling of everything can cause it. Also, she said there is also a chance of phantom feelings taking place as happens with amputees. Finally, she said that that ovary is still producing hormones and will still ovulate, so I can expect those symptoms to remain until menopause. Good times ahead. ;-)

This sounds shitty and I am still emotionally fucked-up about it. However, it is good to have the reassurance that this was the right thing for my physical well-being.

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