Friday, August 8, 2014

I will love you wearing socks

Six years ago, Shawn and I had our wedding. And, I can honestly say it was ours. We did it the way we wanted and that made it great.

The official state paperwork was done some time in July before we left for Cleveland and what we consider our actual wedding. It's pretty easy to get married in Colorado. Go to the license bureau, get the marriage license, sign it and BOOM! You don't need a witness or a JP. We had a very fancy signing of ours at our dining room table. We even let my then 13-year-old step-daughter sign it as a witness just for the fun of it.

Cleveland was the real deal with family and friends and fun! There were Mad Libs and Dr. Seuss inspired vows. We committed to each other and partied and danced among dinosaurs. The food was great and the cake was amazing in it's lemoniness (this is my blog and I can make-up that word if I want to)! We had a blast and, I think, others did, too.

Best of all, I got to show my family and friends the awesomeness of Shawn and why I love him.

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