Sunday, March 23, 2014

"What's the matter with the clothes I'm wearing?"

Not that long ago, I heard a woman talking about her little girl. She was saying that her daughter had gotten a new hat. The hat had a flower on it and the little girl put it on with the flower on the left. It seems the woman told the little girl the flower was supposed to be on the right (I guess there was a tag and a seam that indicated this). The little girl said that she knew, but she liked it better her way.

I've been thinking about this scenario. Did it really matter if the flower was on the left or right? In the world we live in, this little girl will be trying to fit someone else's idea of fashion and style soon enough. So, why not just let her have this hat?

There's a Target next door to my work and I go with a co-worker for coffee at the Starbucks that is in it. Often, mothers come in with small children. Sometimes it brings a smile to my face when I see the kids who obviously were allowed to dress themselves. I want to give a shout-out to those moms because they are letting their kids be free. Now, I'm not saying they should have an anything-goes tolerance of the outfits chosen. If the temperature dictates a need for a coat or absolutely no need for a coat, they should step in or if the important parts aren't covered. You know, still fulfilling the role of responsible parent. But, if the flower is on the wrong side; the stripes clash with the polka dots; the bath towel needs to be pinned on as a cape; let it happen.

Maybe, just maybe, these kids will grow-up stronger and more self-assured. Perhaps they will continue to be free.

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