Sunday, January 1, 2017


On November 30th, Shawn made a Facebook post about trying to bring more positivity to newsfeeds. It seemed like so much negativity was being spread, especially since the election, that he was just getting fed up. So, his idea was to do the opposite of 1984's "Two Minutes Hate" and make #TwoMinutesLove posts.

I decided I would do one of these posts every day of December. One of the posts I actually shared here, too. It was the one about my mother. This project was a challenge some days. Sometimes I didn't think I would manage to eke one out. My regular blog readers know how/who I am.

Perhaps I will do an occasional #TwoMinutesLove Facebook post if the mood strikes me. But, since I have this actual blog, I was thinking I should try to post here more often. It is a new year. I no longer am going for ECT. My memory should be improving. So, hopefully 2017 will bring posts about the good more often and less about the bad and the ugly.

We will all have to wait and see.

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